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Wedding trends you'll see everywhere in 2020

The Knot details what its experts are seeing couples gravitate towards for their nuptials and Insider spoke to The Knot’s editor-in-chief Kristen Maxwell about the biggest wedding trends you can expect to see everywhere next year.

In 2020, couples will be using florals for more than just bouquets.

Couples are finding creative uses for flowers outside of bouquets. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

“One of the things I’m loving is this idea of using florals in sort of unexpected ways,” Cooper said.

“They’re incorporating edible blooms into food, into drinks,” she said of 2020 couples. “Or they’re even using their florals to sort of create textures and shapes in a monochromatic way.”

For instance, couples are color blocking their flowers to create stunning decor, which The Knot demonstrated through massive floral blocks at its 10th annual gala in New York City.

Eco-conscious wedding decor is also becoming more common. For instance, The Knot showcased streamers made of recycled T-shirts at its gala.

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more popular. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

Cooper told Insider that “sustainability is top of the line” for a lot of 2020 couples.

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more common, with couples intentionally avoiding Styrofoam flower holders or giving flowers a second life through additional decor.

They’re also composting flowers and food after the event, decreasing waste.

Couples are choosing to create customizable menus, keeping their guests in mind at every turn.

wedding food trend 2019
Customizable menus allow all guests to eat how they want to at a wedding. 
Pavlo Melnyk/Shutterstock

Whether guests are vegan, gluten-free, or just picky, customizable menus allow couples to better cater to their guests and add personal touches to the food they serve.

Don’t be surprised if you see mixologists at weddings in 2020.

Mixologists study cocktails. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

“We’re seeing them really lean into things that are exciting to them, and adding personalized moments,” Cooper said of the 2020 couple. 

Mixologists can create this kind of moment, turning the line at the bar into a luxury experience.

Self-service bars are also becoming popular, with guests grabbing their own beverages.

Self-service bars are fun and can help cut costs. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

“The reception itself is no longer about sitting down, having four courses, or whatever it is,” Cooper said. “Couples are really looking to get their guests in on the action and have them take part in some fun, unexpected things.”

A self-service bar can create that kind of moment, giving guests something to do at the reception. Cooper said they’re popular for signature drinks, and some couples even go as far as to have a conveyor belt of drinks for added fun.

“Oftentimes, it allows them to have one less bartender,” Cooper said of self-service bars as well, which can make a wedding more affordable for couples.

Couples are creating more showstopping moments at their weddings than ever before.

A bar made out of ice at The Knot Gala. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

The 2020 couple pays close attention to all the details of their wedding, making showstopping moments out of basics like the bar.

For instance, The Knot featured a bar made entirely of ice at its gala.

Statement lighting can set the mood for weddings.

the knot lighting
Lighting can set the tone for a wedding. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

Statement lighting can set the mood for weddings.

“We think about uplighting as the classic wedding lighting, or you’d just use the lighting that they have at the venue,” Cooper said.

Hanging lanterns, string lights, LED signs, or even chandeliers can be used for decor. The Knot Gala, for example, featured color-blocked lighting.

Interactive moments, like this fun dessert umbrella, are going to be big at weddings in 2020.

Creative entertainment can add to a wedding. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

“The average guest count has been decreasing over the past year, but we’re seeing the spending-per-guest increase,” Cooper said of current weddings. “What it means is that couples are really thinking about the guest experience.”

Magicians, sketch artists, or tarot card readers can all increase the fun the guest has at the wedding, making it a priority for couples. The Knot refers to these moments as “amenity basket upgrades.”

“You gotta do it all for the ‘gram,” Cooper said of the trend, highlighting that big moments like this can make weddings more photo-worthy and memorable for guests.

Pops of color are taking the place of all-white gowns.

wedding dress
Colorful wedding dresses are becoming more popular. 
Pacific Press / Contributor / Getty Images

“Wedding fashion is not so prescriptive right now,” Cooper said. “Couples are really looking to their own personal preferences and their own personal style to reflect what they’re wearing on their day.”

For some brides, that means wearing a colorful dress instead of the traditional white.

“Floral dresses are something that we’re seeing a ton of,” Cooper said.

monique lullhier dress
Floral dresses will be popular in 2020. 
Monique Lhuiller

“It’s just a little bit whimsy,” Cooper said of the trend.

Some brides are choosing to wear dresses that are completely floral, while others are wearing white dresses with colorful flower appliques. 

“We’re also seeing more jumpsuits,” Cooper told Insider of 2020 bridal fashion.

Pants are becoming a popular bridal look. 
Foc Kan / Contributor / Getty Images

“We’re seeing a lot of pants,” Cooper told Insider of the 2020 bride. “Whether it’s separate pieces or a jumpsuit, pants are always a really popular option for the reception.” 

“Or they’re wearing it to a rehearsal dinner, a bridal shower, or a bachelorette party,” she added.

Brides are going for unique looks when it comes to all of their wedding events, and pants are a great way to switch it up.

Grooms are getting creative with their suits.

Grooms don’t have to wear all-black suits anymore. 
The Knot/The Wedding Artists Co.

The days of grooms only being able to wear traditional black tuxedos are gone, as more men play with fashion on their big days.

Cooper said grooms are “choosing bold footwear or maybe even changing jackets for the reception.”

The event planner for The Knot Gala, Jove Meyer, showed off some of the ways grooms can play with wedding fashion at the event, wearing white pants, a silver jacket, and matching sparkly heels.

The big sleeves commonly seen in the ’80s are making a comeback in 2020.

VR_Mariage_Look06_016_C_sRGB.width 1920
Puffy sleeves are having a renaissance. 
Viktor Rolf

“It’s a little bit reminiscent of the ’80s,” Cooper said of the trend. “We saw a lot of these ’80s and ’90s trends and details on the runway.”

“They’ve sort of been reinvented for today,” she explained. “It’s not like the Princess Diana sleeves that we’re all thinking of, but they’re sort of ruffly and they may be off the shoulders. Something that’s a little bit more romantic, but definitely has this ’80s feel.”

“We’re seeing one-shoulder dresses coming back in full force,” Cooper added.

one shoulder wedding dress
One-shoulder dresses are coming back into fashion. 
Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

“The style sort of went away, but now it’s coming back,” Cooper said.

Couples are rocking matching jackets during their receptions.

just married
Matching jackets can help a couple make a statement. 
The Daily Disco/Etsy

Matching jackets create a sweet and fun moment for couples during their nuptials.

Celebrities are influencing this trend, as Kim and Kanye sported matching jackets at their wedding in 2014, and Zoe Kravitz and her husband did the same in 2019.

“A lot of luxury lines were doing it, and then it came down to mass,” Cooper explained. Customizable jackets can be purchased on Etsy today.

Brides are loving barrettes and combs.

bridal hair
Veils are still popular, but brides are getting creative with their hair. 
_ / EyeEm / Getty Images

“Barrettes and combs are really having a moment,” Cooper said.

“The veil isn’t going anywhere, but we’re really seeing brides lean into the barrette over something like a tiara,” she went on to say.

Couples are making registries more personal than ever.

A transfeminine non binary person and transmasculine gender nonconforming person looking at a phone and laughing
Registries allow couples to express themselves. 
The Gender Spectrum

“This next generation is the most diverse generation to get married,” Cooper said. “So I think that the exciting challenge for these couples is figuring out how to incorporate different cultures, ethnicities, or religions into one event.”

One way couples are handling this challenge is through their registries, where they’re taking the opportunity to raise money for things they really want instead of just home decor items. Some use it to raise money for honeymoons, a down payment on a house, or even IVF treatments, according to Cooper.

People are embracing unplugged honeymoons.

couple on beach
Unplugged honeymoons are becoming popular. 
Compassionate Eye Foundation/Hero Images/Getty Images

“For a while, everything was on social media as soon as the couple said ‘I do,'” Cooper said of modern weddings. “But then we started seeing a lot of couples asking people to put their phones away during the ceremony.”

“Now, we’re seeing that extend to the honeymoon,” Cooper said, with people choosing to use their honeymoons as a time to debrief and really be alone with their partners.


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