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25 Bridesmaids Who Killed the Fashion Game With Unique Bridesmaid Dresses
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If you’re looking to give your bridesmaids some killer bridal party style, then you’ve come to the right place. Long gone are the days of identical matching bridesmaid dresses. The same color and same style can still be executed magnificently, but there are a number of other ways to dress your girls that are just as gorgeous—and in some cases, more creative.

Of course, there’s the beloved mismatched trend. What began as varying dress designs in the same color, or different shades in the same silhouette, has now been elevated to play with different prints and patterns in different styles or boldly different colors with a connecting theme to balance cohesiveness with contrast. Assign your babes an overall style—autumnal tones, bohemian, etc.—and let them go wild.

One of our favorite trends right now is an all white bridal party. Yes, you heard us right! Brides aren’t the only ones who can wear white anymore—when bridesmaids wear white as well, the look is always chic and unconventional whether it’s vintage lace or contemporary romance. We’re also guilty of loving a good floral print—give it to us in a tiny pattern, oversized blooms, ombre effect, or single statement piece, and we’re swooning.

And who says your girls have to wear dresses, anyway? Rompers and jumpsuits are a sweet, trendy alternative, and separates consisting of a crop top and skirt are just as stylish, offering a slightly indie vibe. If neither are your thing and you love a good dress, don’t confine your search to typical bridesmaid dresses. There’s a bounty of maxis out there sure to give your bridal party look a unique spin.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in need of ideas to dress your besties on the big day, scroll on down for some serious bridal party goals.

1. The White Bridesmaid Dress Trend


White is no longer reserved for just the bride—these maids pull off the stark color with a bright bouquet of blooms for a look that is summertime fine.

2. Embroidered Pop of Color

We’re swooning over these uniquely embroidered For Love and Lemons dresses, where rich marsala pops against a sheer canvas.

3. Perfectly Mismatched Florals


Mismatched florals in varying colors and sizes put a twist on the spring classic.

4. Ocean Blue Hues

Tie-dye prints, watercolor patterns, and ocean blue hues—these beachy babes have some serious boho chic style going on.

5. Elegant in Ivory

Nude gowns in different styles have an air of laidback elegance, connected by matching floral appliques.

6. Shades of Grey

Straight from the pages of a fashion magazine, no? Fifty shades of grey has never looked so classy—each bride was asked to wear a long dress in any shade of grey as a tribute to the bride’s mother’s last name.

7. Bold and Beautiful

Big, bold, and beautiful, these colorful ASOS dresses make a punchy statement with oversized blooms. We love how different silhouettes highlight each bridesmaid’s personality.

8. Bohemian Romance


Seafoam green skirts and lace crop tops, completed with flower crowns, have a muted desert-inspired palette for bohemian romance.

9. Deep Rustic Color Combo


Deep, rustic hues of marigold, orange, sepia, and cream make for an unexpected color combo rich in autumnal tones.

10. Classic Navy

Crisp and clean, these navy ASOS cape dresses are the picture of sophisticated elegance and class, while pineapple headpieces and navy veils add a dash of playfulness.
Photo by Jason Mark Harris.

11. Menswear Inspired

Sharp, sexy, and sleek—we’re all about this edgy chic menswear look. Shall we call it Women in Black?

12. Garden-Inspired Pastel Perfection

We’ve never loved short bridesmaid dresses as much as these! Sky blue and garden-inspired with ruffles and sleeve detailing, they’re pastel perfection. Bonus—bouquets that match the floral print.

13. Paisley Prints

Paisley printed dresses that evoke wild blue yonder pair with cowboy boots for a look that complements the surrounding farm beauty.

14. Touches of Boho in White and Dusty Rose

Matching lace dresses in white sing a tune of vintage romance, while floral crowns and complementing bouquets in white and dusty rose hues add a boho touch.

15. Sparkling Glam

These glam ladies dazzle in a stunning array of sparkling pewter, silver, and black.

16. Industrial Vibes

Gray dresses with a swirling marble pattern carry an industrial vibe. Coupled with green, white, and red bouquets, the look conjures a stylish winter spell.

17. Florals and Muted Palettes

Muted palettes, fitted silhouettes, and horizontal floral patterns? We’re about it.

18. Earthy Tones


Earthy tones of purple and sienna have a fall feel with a refined touch.

19. Woodland Fairy Vibes

These maids nail the mismatched dress trend. Different styles play with equally different colors, textures, and prints while still managing to be cohesive. Accented with vibrant floral crowns, we love it for a woodland wedding.

20. Charming Separates

Soft blue pleated skirts and lace scalloped tops make for charming separates that are chic, classy, and a little bit flirty.

21. Indie Flair

These bridesmaids (and bride!) are rocking the most creative styles we’ve ever seen. Fringe, appliques, and asymmetrical designs take shape in varying silhouettes of slate blue for indie styles with total personality and flair.

22. Neutral Pink Meet Flower Wall

If this isn’t the picture of pretty, we’re not sure what is. We can’t blame these girls for taking a twirl in their neutral pink dresses against a dreamy floral wall backdrop.

23. All White Everything

All white everything for the most fashion-forward bridal party. From midi skirts to jumpsuits, these ladies know style.

24. Delicate Florals

Straight-up perfection over here in matching maxis, tousled waves, and delicate floral head wreaths for a chill bohemian-luxe vibe.

25. Perfectly On Trend

We’re feeling blue, and not in a bad way—how trendy are these bridesmaids in mismatched lace styles?


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