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The Hottest 10 Wedding Invitations Trends for 2024

Yes, it is time to start thinking about your wedding invitations since 2024 is right around the corner and a new round of wedding seasons is coming soon. Brides might have the most options of wedding invitations ever in history, with all the different papers, textures, colors, fonts, embellishments and attachments, and packages, all mixed and matched, but paired so cohesively. If you are stuck for inspiration, keep scrolling to see the hottest wedding invitation trends.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is a major trend throughout wedding planning, and that’s coming into wedding stationery too.
Some brides use recycled and plantable seed paper invitations for their sustainable wedding.

recycled and plantable seed paper weddig invitations for a sustainable wedding

2. Acrylic Wedding Invitations

The acrylic invitation is the opposite trend that goes against sustainability. The Trends going stronger with the increasing popularity of modern wedding themes.

modern chic acrylic wedding invitation 2019 trends

3. Vellum Paper Invitation Cards and Envelopes

Vellum brings a modern but soft vibe to any stationery suite, and it looks chic when paired with practically all types of embellishments, from metallic ink to elegant wax seals and bohemian greenery.

trending special translucent vellum paper wedding invitations

Photo Credits: via Etsy/via Pinterest/via Swell Press/foil invitation from Stylish Wedd

floral pattern translucent vellum paper wedding invitation cards

4. Foil Printing

The gold foil trend continues to grow in popularity again. The appeal of gold foil is super luxe and elevates any invitation design. It can add a hint of glamour to even a modest wedding theme.

popular rose gold foil printed vellum wedding invitation cards

5. Monogram

Monograms are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch while keeping your invitations simplistic and classy. Monograms can be created in a variety of ways. Some couples choose simple letter monograms for their modern weddings.

trending monogram laser cut wedding invitations for 2020

6. A Touch of Metallics & Glitters

Hints of metallics are making their way back into wedding trends. These touches of metallics will add a level of sophistication and richness to any wedding invitation you choose. Rose gold color is currently trending, so you may want to consider including it in your stationery.

Classic laser-cut invitations look particularly gorgeous with a touch of glitter.

chic blush laser cut wedding invitation with rose gold glitter backer

7. Minimalism-Inspired

Less artwork, more white space! we are excited to see couples opt for more minimalist and modern designs for their weddings. The requests for overall “simpler” invitations are growing.

Think soft color palettes, simple lettering and fuss-free detailing. Often choosing just one standout detail such as a pop of gold foiling or blind debossing is enough to make your stationery come to life!

white calligraphy frosty vellum paper modern wedding invitation card

8. Wax Seal Decoration

Wax seals have been the new hot trend since 2019 and will definitely be sticking around. You may incorporate them into your invitation suite in several ways, for example on the outer envelope, on the invitation suite itself, or incorporated into the tie-around that holds your invitation suite together or other ways you can think of. The options are endless!

wax seal wedding invitation envelope ideas

Photo Credits:via Pinterest/via Instagram/via Janice Paper Art

9. Unique and Special Shapes Invitation Cards

Thinking outside the traditional shapes of wedding invitations is going to be a big trend. From circular to triangular and geometric, just have fun with different-shaped inserts.

special and unique shape modern wedding invitations

special map shape destination wedding invitation from 2019 trends

Photo via Swell Press

10. Higher Demands on Invitation Envelopes

Let’s end with packaging! We will not only have the patterned and linered envelope but also envelopes in different materials such as the trendy vellum paper and eco-paper. Furthermore,couple will like to add embelishment like ribbons and wax seals to show their personality.

Colored and vellum envelopes for wedding invitations

Photo Credits: via Papira Design/via Pinterest

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