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Short Love Stories That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Short Love Stories

1. Attraction like theirs happens once a century, it’s been said.

2. Hugging, they pledged forever and locked it with a kiss.

3. He whispered ‘I’m nothing without you’ and that was it.

4. Happily Ever After finally made sense the second they met.

5. High school sweethearts reunited, they longed like time hadn’t passed.

6. His entire body smiled when he caught sight of her.

7. They fought like they made love—with passion, and grace.

8. Embracing beneath an oak tree, they saw their future together.

9. Love like theirs could make the world a better place.

10. She said it first, but he felt just as strongly.

11. When they laugh together there’s magic that can’t be ignored.

12. From minute one, his heart was hers and no other’s.

13. Around each other, their temperatures skyrocketed—the best of fevers.

14. She didn’t believe in fate but she didn’t have to.

15. It was the kind of passion songs are written about.

16. She understood him like no other and that was enough.

17. He scooped her up and neither of them looked bad.

18. By their fifth anniversary nothing had changed—and nothing would.

19. Their bond makes sparks fly, fairies dance, and people cry.

20. They sensed they’d die holding hands—and so it was.

21. The beauty of it was that they always bounced back.

22. If it had spread, their love could’ve cured the world.

23. Shamelessly co-dependent, they leaned on each other every single day.

24. The pull was fiercely magnetic—they had to be coupled.

25. Madly in love, everything was better when they were together.

26. Through it all, they held tightly to their lasting love.

27. It oozed from their pores, the otherworldly passion between them.

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The Mansion on Main Street is a picturesque events venue wrapped in elegance and modern beauty. Situated amidst exquisitely manicured grounds, lush gardens and a large cascading waterfall in Voorhees, New Jersey, this breathtaking property is ideal for gatherings of any kind, including but not limited to weddings, corporate events and celebrations.

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