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How to Create a Signature Cocktail for Wedding Showers or Weddings

Planning and executing a memorable shower or wedding reception is a big task. Today’s host(ess)es are focused on creating unique, customized experiences for their guests. It’s no surprise that the idea of a custom, signature cocktail is gaining so much popularity. It happens to be a great idea, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Here’s how to make it happen.

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Pick Your Poison

First up- just decide if you want to shape your cocktail around a color theme, a play on words, or even a favorite spirit. For example, maybe the bride-to-be loves champagne. If so, your signature drink should absolutely include champagne as a key ingredient.

Conversely, perhaps you’re planning a downtown Manhattan bridal shower. In that event, perhaps a modern take on the classic “Manhattan” drink is in order. No obvious theme jumping out to you? Not to worry. Just focus on your color scheme and browse drinks that complement it!

Quite often you don’t need to make major changes to an established mixed drink in order to make it your own. Swap orange juice for another citrus, perhaps grapefruit juice, in a traditional mimosa for a lighter, unique twist of a classic. Instead of feeling confused and burdened by trying to find a new recipe you love, consider it an adventure. Invite the bride, or party guest of honor, as well as other trusted organizers or guests over and make an evening of experimenting with different concoctions!

The Whole Nine

Just as you wouldn’t walk down the aisle without a veil, your signature cocktail should be thought of as more than just a beverage, it needs to be an entire experience. Things like the perfect serving glasses or a customized cocktail napkin served with the signature cocktail take your drink from a beverage to a memorable part of your experience. Consider a unique garnish, glass ornament, or personalized imprint on the glass wear or cocktail napkins to complete the presentation of your signature cocktail.

Source: https://www.marthastewartweddings.com/620353/open-bar-planning-tips?slide=864847

Mock Trial

Finally, do try to remember that it’s quite possible that not everyone at your event will want to partake in an alcoholic beverage. Even if the event is only open to those of drinking age, it’s considered classy and considerate to offer an alcohol-free “mock-tail” version of your signature cocktail.

You’ll want to keep this in mind when crafting your signature drink to ensure that you don’t choose something that doesn’t translate well to a virgin-drink. And don’t cheapen the experience of the mock-tail. Make sure your bartenders know to serve it with the same garnish and personalized details that come with the other version of your drink.

Ready to start shopping for the perfect cocktail? In addition, here are ten recipes for signature cocktails that we just love!

  1. Something Blue- This Mojito recipe puts a twist on the typically green drink by floating blueberries atop of it. We love the inventiveness!
  2. Strawberry Cachaca- Almost as fun to say as it is to sip, this is a pink drink with enough garnish to make it as beautiful in the glass as it is tasty in your mouth! With acne sugar and an equally sweet liquor, this one is sure to be a winner.
  3. Pretty in Pink- Bright pink and oh so summery, this watermelon drink invites strawberry, basil, and vodka into one cup for a splash of summer fun.
  4. Spike the Punch- This tropical rum punch is perfectly pretty and ideal for a bride who loves yellow. Featuring pineapple and rum, serve this drink in crystal teacups for a fun twist!
  5. Lavender Infusion- By dropping a bit of Lavender into your champagne, you not only create a visual stunner but also give your bubble a bit of a new flavor profile. Your guests will be surprised by the new twist on a classic drink.
  6. Golden Shimmer- A gold-rimmed martini glass is the foundation for this twist on a traditional Cosmopolitan. It is simple, sophisticated, and pure class.
  7. Tiffany’s Blue- In the iconic blue of the famed jeweler, this drink pairs mango flavored rum with Blue Curacao liquor. This our pick for brides taking a destination wedding or tropical honeymoon!
  8. Rhubarb Fizz- Not many drinks out there use rhubarb in the mix, and that’s why this one will be a crowd pleaser. With a rare sweetness, this pretty pink drink will keep guests guessing and prove a memorable addition to your menu.
  9. Blushing Bride- This drink is a play on the frequently used nickname for the bride, and uses grapefruit to introduce a hint of pink into a gin martini.
  10. Elderflower Cosmo- This white cosmopolitan is topped with an elderflower float. It looks sophisticated and will certainly be memorable. Just be sure that you can get your hands on the proper garnish before committing to this one.

Also, here are two more awesome lists of appetizing ideas to get you started. One from Martha Stewart, and the other from the experts over at The Knot.



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