Wedding bouquets are an incredibly personal and important choice for every bride, and a huge part of her look when walking down the aisle and in wedding portraits. It’s important not to underestimate the powerful impact of the bridal bouquet, which sets the tone of the wedding. The bouquet should speak of your personality, almost enclosing it in a bundle of flowers. It can be used to create calculated contrast or flow with the décor; it complements your choice of dress and brings your colour palette together.

There is a beautiful bouquet perfect for every bride, and I hope this I can inspire brides to embrace their personality and creativity on their journey toward choosing their perfect match. It’s good to think out of the box, make it personal and let it be a true representation of you!

The bridal bouquets trends I believe will be huge for the rest of the 2019 season, and later in 2020 are:

Pretty, feminine handtied bouquets, full of textures and with muted tones are always going to be around. They are perfect for a romantic bride and a manor house wedding in the countryside, and equally suited to a chic city elopement.

Roberta Facchini Photography

Classic round shaped bouquets with statement flowers as peonies and café o lait dahlias are also still going to be current. These bouquets are subtle addition to the bride’s look and allow the dress to shine. Elegance is the key.

Roberta Facchini Photography

Upgrade the rounded classic look by choosing very unusual colour combinations.

Wedding Ideas Mag

Round shaped handtied bouquets, but with a twist. These bouquets are fun bundles of joy, breaking free of a classic look thanks to the choice of bright colours and flowers, like poppies combined with kangaroo paws, as in this example.

Cristina Rossi Photography

Delicate mini bouquets or single stemmed bouquets, are the perfect choice for the minimalist bride. My favourite are single stems of white Protea, but I am partial to an amazing garden rose, peony and magnolia flowers as well. Why not choosing a single strand of greenery too, for example eucalyptus or a seed pod?

Cristina Rossi Photography

Clean, modern lines are perfect for a city wedding, and wedding photos around the city iconic spots. Choosing to go monochrome adds more even more edge the bouquet. Hydrangeas are fantastic to achieve this polished, modern look, and come in an incredible variety of colours.

Slawa Walczak Photography

Structural bouquets speak of a decisive bride, and work amazingly both with structured dresses and fluid silk gowns, either emphasising the sharp lines of a gown or contrasting with the fluidity of the fabric. Make them even more powerful by going monochrome.

Wedding Ideas Mag

Brides will remain huge fans of asymmetric bouquets, which are so fun and unexpected. The asymmetry can be created in a variety of ways, with a colour blocking technique, with greenery, with the type of flowers chosen. The possibilities are endless!

Nikima Photography

The use of foliage in bouquets, whether to complement the flowers and create a special shape, or simply by itself, is still going to be huge. All foliage bouquets and buttonholes are incredibly beautiful. They can be quite large, full of textures and different greens to achieve maximum drama, or very reined in and minimal. A botanical theme is still one of my favourites and foliage can be used in a variety of ways for the wedding to create amazing installations. Herbs are also going to be very on trend, adding scent and fragrance to the bouquets.

Ami Robertson Photography

Tropical inspired: a bouquet I have not yet had the pleasure of creating, but definitely a huge trend for the coming months. Combining modern with exotic andusing very unusual flowers (hello mini-pineapples!), it’s a perfect choice if you want to use pop of colours in contrast with dark green foliage. I also see colour taking over in the second half of 2019 and 2020. Bold, big and unapologetic, full of textures, with unusual flowers like these incredible cotton flowers. Do not be afraid of making a statement!

Ami Robertson Photography

Dried flowers are here to stay! Whether they are mixed in with fresh flowers, or used on their own, they add an element of surprise. One of the trends I see growing  over the coming months are bouquets made of all white greenery and dried flowers, they have something just magical and otherworldly about them.

Maxeen Kim Photography

Bridesmaids’ bouquets: the trend is moving away from bridesmaids carrying a smaller, identical version of the bridal bouquet, and towards bridesmaids’ bouquets being a nod to the bridal one. This can be achieved, for example, using only one of the flowers included in the bridal bouquet, or just the greenery. Single stems bouquets are going to be huge as well for the bridesmaids, keeping the focus entirely on the bride.


Source: Written By Catharine to B.LovedBlog
Featured Photo: Maxeen Kim Photography

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