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18 Convertible Wedding Dress

convertible wedding dress main

Photo by lazaro


Brides nowadays are embracing the trend of donning multiple dresses on their wedding day, which includes not just the main ceremony gown but also the perfect attire for the wedding after-party. It’s a choice that makes perfect sense given the extensive spotlight brides find themselves in, starting from the ceremony’s inception to the conclusion of the receptions, and potentially any post-celebration festivities.

With all these different moments, it’s only natural to opt for multiple outfits to truly shine and enjoy each phase of the celebration. Whether you refer to it as the reception ensemble, the farewell look, or the after-party dress, there’s no shortage of delightful options available to ensure you can dance the night away in style.

Besides, a long, flowing train is a dream look for many brides… but who wants to dance for hours in a long train, veil, and layers of tulle when you can change into a fanciful number?

Maybe this may not be the most practical option, and buying two wedding gowns may be cost-prohibitive. An alternative you may not have considered is the convertible wedding dress.

What is a convertible wedding dress?

A convertible wedding dress is a versatile gown that can be transformed into multiple looks by adjusting its components,
such as detachable sleeves, skirts, overlays, or straps. It offers brides the flexibility to create different styles within a single dress.

If it’s in your budget and you have the desire and time to buy and change in and out of a short dress and a long wedding dress, all the power to you. Otherwise, a convertible bridal dress saves you money, saves time, and offers 2 drastically different styles for the ceremony and reception. You’ll be able to seamlessly transition from simple and modest to trendy and embellished without losing sight of your wedding theme.

The convertible aspect of the wedding gown can be a simple overskirt or overcoat, or as innovative as detachable components like sleeves or skirts. Convertible wedding gown designs have come a long way over the past few years. Scroll down below to find stunning examples of traditional and modern convertible bridal dress styles.

Convertible Mermaid Wedding Dress Ideas


convertible wedding dress champagne mermaid milla nova

Photo by: wona concept

convertible wedding dress simple mermaid to ball gown lazaro

Photo by: lazaro

convertible wedding dress trumpet deep v neckline sexy berta

Photo by: berta

A common struggle that brides experience is the desire to be sexy at the reception and modest during the ceremony. Perhaps that is why the convertible wedding dress ball gown to mermaid transition is one of the most popular choices among brides.

This style provides the coverage needed to maintain the integrity of a traditional church wedding ceremony. It also compliments your figure in wonderful ways once you transform into the mermaid frame.

Convertible Two In One Wedding Dress Ideas


convertible wedding dress with overskirt off the shoulder milla nova

Photo by: milla nova

convertible wedding dress sheath ball gown ese azenabor

Photo by: ese azenabor

convertible wedding dress simple with sleeves two in one alon livne

Photo by: alon livne

Convertible 2 in 1 wedding dresses offer a dramatic change with little effort. Treat the aisle like your own personal red carpet with the dramatic details and visual pop that the overskirt provides. When it’s time to dance, the overskirt comes off revealing your graceful figure and the appearance of a whole new outfit. This simple little change produces big results and makes sure that you can move freely.

Wedding Dresses In A Cape


convertible wedding dress with cape luce sposa
Photo by: luce sposa

convertible wedding dress with cape anna campbell
Photo by: anna campbell Bridal

convertible wedding dress with sleeves cape simple daria karlozi

Photo by: daria karlozi

convertible wedding dress mermaif lace sexy with cape pollardi

Photo by: pollardi

Dramatic capes are trending big right now. Fashion-forward brides appreciate the fluidity of the exaggerated fabric as they walk down the aisle. You can go with the simple option of modest amounts of fabric and a darling little clasp, or choose over-the-top varieties such as puffed Juliette sleeves with rich embroidery. Either way, this convertible dress option allows you to wear the cape again with future outfits.

Transformer Bridal Dresses With Sleeves


convertible wedding dress lace with detached skirt katy corso
Photo by: katy corso

convertible wedding dress with sleeves sweetheart neckline a line val stefani
Photo by: val stefani

convertible wedding dress a line with sleeves wona
Photo by: wona

Detachable sleeves are gorgeous and a source of major comfort when it comes to fluctuating weather. Wearing convertible lace wedding dress sleeves on your walk down the aisle is beautiful and romantic. and is a fantastic opportunity to keep a good deal of the details you adore. If the sleeves are the portion of your outfit that detaches, it’s ideal for moving from indoors to outdoors.

Detachable Skirt Bridal Gowns

convertible wedding dress simple with detacheble skirt anna barge

Photo by: anne barge

convertible wedding dress with detached overskirt anne barge

Photo by: anne barge

convertible wedding dressmermaid with detachable train milla nova

Photo by: Milla Nova

A detachable skirt convertible wedding dress is the simplest approach to transformative bridalwear. Trains claim their origin in medieval times, connecting the couple directly to kings, queens, and wealth. A simple clip at the lower back maintains this tradition and adds beautiful enhancements to the bride’s figure and the appearance of walking on a cloud. When you’re ready, simply remove the clips and be on your way! It’s so easy.

Convertible Dress Long To Short

convertible wedding dress a line sequins sparkle to short pronovias

Photo by: pronovias

convertible wedding dress simple short to lon berta

Photo by: berta

convertible wedding dress simple long to short liretta
Photo by: liretta

Convertible wedding dress long to short is always a perfect variant for modern weddings. The overskirt option works just as well with a short dress underneath. You can choose a sheer option from modern designers that reveals what’s hiding underneath. Or, our preference, wrap yourself in lace and tulle that matches your bodice and reserve the exposed legs as a big reveal at the reception.

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